Pourquoi former les employés?

Elle permet de motiver votre équipe La formation et le perfectionnement des employés sont des moyens importants d’attirer des travailleurs et de garder le personnel existant, affirme. L’une des principales raisons de démission dans les entreprises est souvent le manque de possibilités de d’avancement professionnel et de formation. Former son personnel permet donc à la

Dans la gestion d’une entreprise, et précisément dans la gestion du personnel, la paie est un élément important qui requière du temps, ainsi que des compétences spécifiques. Lorsqu’une entreprise n’est pas en mesure de s’en occuper, elle se doit d’externaliser la gestion de la paie totalement ou partiellement. Et dans ce contexte il est important

Quels sont les avantages de l’externalisation de la paie ? Si l’externalisation de la paie intéresse les entreprises des divers secteurs, ce n’est pas seulement car elle permet de se concentrer sur son cœur du métier en faisant en même temps un gain de temps considérable. Mais aussi car les avantages de celle-ci ne se limite

Pourquoi externaliser la gestion de la paie ? Il est plutôt contre-productif pour une entreprise spécialisée dans un domaine précis (assurance, transport…) de chercher à maitriser un autre sans pour autant en avoir les compétences. Il est donc plus judicieux d’attribuer ses taches à des experts afin de permettre à l’entreprise de se concentrer sur

 We define an engaged employee in three ways. And while I believe this definition still works, to help us all during these challenging times We’ve added a bit more detail as well as some things to keep in mind as you continue to focus on and drive employee engagement. 1. An engaged employee understands and


Great teams work together to accomplish great results. Every company in its unique characteristics can grow is teamwork is considered fundamental in the company development process. When workers of a company work together, the following will happen. 1. Fosters creativity and learning Employees are particularly a bit fond of workplace creativity. Creativity inspires employees to

  Have you been working for long hours recently? Do you feel the workload is heavy on you? Is your work not engaging or challenging? Are you battling with job insecurity and conflicts with co-workers or bosses? Take a pause and learn about the way out because this is a very serious issue that looks


The oil and gas industry is one of the most important sectors for Cameroon and other African Countries. We have been at the forefront of the sector for many years. Oil and Gas as one of the major industries supported by us, we provide our clients Oil and Gas manpower recruitment services in Cameroon and


TIPS ON RECRUITING AN IDEAL ENGINEER FOR YOUR COMPANY The process of recruiting an engineer can be more daunting than one can envisage at first sight. However, knowing what it takes and following some key guidelines can make the task rewarding for a company. -You can make the task even easier if you contact and


To better address this topic, we will be conversational and practical with examples and this conveys us to the question; IS A CANDIDATE WITH WORKING EXPERIENCE FROM MORE THAN 5 COMPANIES THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR A JOB? Looking at the question above, the answer seems to be an obvious YES! One may be fast to

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  5 Major Tips for Employment and Career Development during this ‘Stay-at-Home’ period Quarantine, Isolation, social distancing, whichever of these is your reality due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, this is the time for your creativity to be at its peak. 1-Make a good CV for yourself:  If you haven’t got a CV, this is

Employees must do to successfully work

What Employees must do to successfully work from home in Cameroon? Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a period of working from home is becoming increasingly inevitable for many companies. For a number of employees, the experience is not only new, but it’s also puzzling. Nevertheless, the supreme flexibility of the working situation cannot be denied

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